About the Designer

Daughter to CECILIA, Mary started CECILIA IN THE SUMMER in August 2022 as a way to share her mother's tastes and her favourites. 

Mary has a design background in Environmental Design / Interior Design. She has always had an interest in Jewelry, and is now making it a reality. 

From Mary: 

I like to say 'I make jewelry I want to wear.'

It reminds me of the how writers alike say

'Write the book you want to read.'

It has taken me a few years of thinking about jewelry before I finally bit the bullet and started the shop off with my favourite gem - Opal and my Mother's most adorned gem - Pearls. 

We have genuine Welo Opal beads and pear-shaped gems from 

Ethiopia. The organic look of Freshwater Pearls is prized and we love the imperfections of which nature provides. Our latest collection, Golden Dots are non-gem jewelry. 

CECILIA IN THE SUMMER is based in Toronto, I have noticed the city has an amazing and booming market scene. There is a market every weekend; there are more and more local makers wanting to share their passions. This is where I will probably see you next. 

Check out the event page for updates. 


Take care and thanks for reading!

~ Mary 


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